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Benefits of a Epoxy Floors


Shiny and Low Maintenance

Description: Don’t waste you time on expensive cleaners. Our epoxy flooring systems are extremely easy to clean while remaining stain resistant.


Long Lasting and Durable

Our epoxy flooring systems are designed to take a beating while maintaining it’s beautiful appearance for years to come.


Finance Available

Our epoxy flooring systems are more economical and cost-effective than other flooring options. Contact us today regarding our financing options. 


Tailor Your Design

While we have standard epoxy floor designs, we can easily customize your epoxy floor to accurate reflect your life style. 

Basement Epoxy Floors

About Us:

Colt Epoxy Floors has serviced the central Indiana area since 1996. Our business has survived in over 25 years experience by providing our clients with exceptional work ethic, attention to detail, cleanliness and unmatched communication. Our goal is to make certain we have met all of our clients expectations to ensure 100% satisfied with their epoxy flooring system. Our business model places more emphasis on quality rather than the quantity of floors we install. Thus making every floor installation our absolute top priority.

Our epoxies and other polymers are specifically designed for our company and can not be purchased from any "big box" stores. Our epoxy flooring systems guarantee a long lasting, durable and easy to cleaning flooring that will last our clients for years to come.

We have multiple epoxy flooring systems to meet the lifestyle needs of any client. From residential garage floors to fire stations, we will work with every client to ensure they are selecting the perfect flooring systems to meet their needs.

Garage Epoxy Floors

Beautiful and Durable long-lasting outdoor epoxy patios.

In the Indianapolis area, the garage is considered another living space. From parking cars to hosting events, a garage is an extremely versatile space. A garage epoxy floors system can enhance any garage appearance while remaining durable, long lasting and easy to clean.


Garage Epoxy Floors

Commerce Epoxy Floors

Beautiful and Durable long-lasting outdoor epoxy patios.

Look no further than our top-of-the-line Commercial Epoxy Floors!
With our high-quality epoxy coating system, your floors will get the long-lasting protection they need, while also getting a seamless, easily maintainable finish that will elevate the overall look and appeal of your space.


Commercial Epoxy Floors

Basement Epoxy Floors

Beautiful and Durable long-lasting outdoor epoxy patios.

Get ready to elevate your outdoor living spaces with our stunning and long-lasting Epoxy Patios.


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