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Basement Epoxy Floors

Basement Epoxy-Floors

Basement Epoxy Floors

A basement epoxy flooring coating system can not only be aesthetically pleasing but provide a protective barrier between destructive forces and your concrete. Without a durable epoxy coating, the life of a basement floor can be greatly reduced.  Standing water, oil spills and winter road salt, can damage an unprotected floor causing further costs down the road.  Our slip resistant, low maintenance and chemical resilient basement epoxy flooring applications allows our clients to remove all concerns regarding the life and appearance of their basement epoxy floors.  

We offer multiple types of industrial strength basement epoxy floor coatings and work closely with our clients to make certain the selection matches precisely to our client’s lifestyles.  Each of our coating systems has it’s own unique characteristics and we take the time to explain all aspects of each product so our clients can make the most informed decision.

Commercial Grade Epoxy Our basement epoxy flooring systems have been our most popular flooring system since we opened our doors.  Our epoxy can be applied very thick and provide the durability and easy maintenance our clients lives require.  With a low VOC, there is virtually zero odor curing the curing process. 

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