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Garage Epoxy Floors

Transform Your Dull and Boring Garage into an Inspiring Workshop with our Incredibly Resilient Epoxy Floor Coatings for Unmatched Durability and Strength. Elevate Your Space to the Next Level Today!

Commercial Grade Epoxy Our garage epoxy flooring systems have been our most popular flooring system since we opened our doors. Our epoxy can be applied very thick and provide the durability and easy maintenance our clients lives require. With a low VOC, there is virtually zero odor curing the curing process.

Transform Your Dull and Drab Garage Floors into Stunning Masterpieces with Our Top-Notch Quality Floor Coating and Polishing Services Delivered by Highly Experienced and Skilled Professionals - Don't Settle for Anything Less Than the Best!

Garage flooring coating system can not only be aesthetically pleasing but provide a protective barrier between destructive forces and your concrete. Without a durable epoxy coating, the life of a garage floor can be greatly reduced. Standing water, oil spills and winter road salt, can damage an unprotected floor causing further costs down the road. Our slip resistant, low maintenance and chemical resilient epoxy flooring applications allows our clients to remove all concerns regarding the life and appearance of their garage floors.

Turn your garage into a stunning space with the flawless precision of our epoxy flooring installation service. Our durable and low-maintenance surface can withstand heavy traffic, spills, and stains. With a seamless and glossy finish, our epoxy coating elevates and safeguards your floors from any harm. For unmatched service and long-lasting results, trust the expertise of our skilled professionals at Colt Epoxy Floors.

In the Indianapolis area, the garage is considered another living space. From parking cars to hosting events, a garage is an extremely versatile space. A garage epoxy floors system can enhance any garage appearance while remaining durable, long lasting and easy to clean.


We offer multiple types of industrial strength garage floor coatings and work closely with our clients to make certain the selection matches precisely to our client's lifestyles. Each of our coating systems has it's own unique characteristics and we take the time to explain all aspects of each product so our clients can make the most informed decision.

Polyaspartic / Polyurea If you're looking for extreme durabiity, look no further. Our lines of polyaspartic and polyurea polimers bring supieror durabilty to garage floor. Better yet, these system have a unique characteristic of curing rapidly. So your floor will be cured and ready for traffic the very next day.

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